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Is your Realtor an ONION?

Being a Howard County/Catonsville LOCAL Realtor is not just about selling houses. Yes, that pays the bills, but like an onion, there are many layers to being a great LOCAL Realtor ONION.

1. Initially, the first outer layer is about helping families with their immediate Real estate needs. Whether helping with a listing or buying that home. With the amount of info on the internet – many agents can get by without much of a skill set and still find you a home.

2. A deeper layer would be finding that perfect home in the perfect neighborhood with all the features that you wanted. Your Realtor takes the time to listen to your needs and then finds you a home.
Many, many Realtors stop here – some do not get past that very first layer.

3. What about significant details that will possibly affect your lifestyle? Does your Local Realtor Onion know about the things that are important to you? Do they know the school districts? Where are the parks? Shopping? Commuter  routes? Senior Centers? Is your house on a bus route?

Is your Local Realtor an Onion?

4. Peeling off another layer would be getting a little bit deeper. Does your Realtor Onion continue to be a local Real Estate resource after the sale? Providing updated market info, frequent alerts to other homes in the same neighborhood that are listed and sold– your home is an investment so you should watch the local Real Estate market.

5. Getting even deeper is a Realtor who is a resource to you for all things LOCAL after you have purchased your home. You don’t just buy a house, you buy a home, a location and a community. You might need LOCAL advice. When is the Flower Festival?  What plumber should I use? What do we need to do for Independence Day? Where is there a great playgroundWhat should we do in Ellicott City?

Does this sound like your Local Realtor Onion?

6. A further layer would be coming from contribution to ensure continual client loyalty. Great VIP client appreciation events and valuable resources. EPIK Home Group invites past clients to multiple gatherings throughout the year that include an Annual Easter Egg Hunt, “Shred and donate” day, great seminars, random surprises, charitable participation, “Pie Day” and an opportunity to win FOOTBALL TICKETS in the Fall.  We at EPIK Home Group do not want you to ever forget who YOUR Local Realtor Onion is!
7. An even deeper layer is a commitment to making the LOCAL community a better place. Investing in the communities that you live in and we sell homes in. Many of my past clients have joined me with philanthropic LOCAL ventures such as the “Catonsville Women’s Giving Circle” and “Rails to Trails”.



We pride ourselves on being your full Local REALTOR ONION here in Central Maryland with all these multiple layers!

How deep into the layers would it be for your LOCAL Realtor Onion to help YOU get involved in your new community too?
Recently a Friday evening was the prime example of being a true LOCAL Realtor Onion.


Hillcrest Elementary School, in the heart of Catonsville, recently hosted “International Night”.   This popular, evening event for students features parents of many nationalities (or good local knowledge) displaying information about different Countries.

The night includes crafts, games, treats and quizzes, and EPIK Home Group proudly sponsored the bags that were given to every child so they could collect items from the Countries.

A proud moment for this Catonsville resident and local Realtor Onion was inviting my past clients to participate in this great community event alongside us. With a total of 18 countries represented at “International Night”, six of the tables were decorated and displayed by our EPIK past clients and EPIK Home Group Team members. Two of the tables were of clients that don’t even have children in this elementary school system. Additionally many families that we have helped with their Real Estate needs, attended the abundant cultural evening.

EPIK Home Group is your Realtor Onion in Central Maryland.

Even if you already live in Howard County or Catonsville- it is always a good idea to know what homes are selling for in your area since selling prices affect your home’s value as well!